About Us


Our Tiki Tribe


Family is everything. 

The real meaning of Aloha is Love, Peace and Compassion. All of these things went in to creating Big Kahuna Dog. It started as the dream of two best friends, then quickly morphed into a family affair. Funny how when you start speaking your desires out loud they seem to come to life - but not without some hard work and dedication. 

We brought the things we love into this.. Hawaii, Tropical flavors, fresh ingredients and last but not least.. our furry family members. 

Yes BKD is a real dog named Buck, and so is his little sweetheart Roxie. In fact every dog in the mural at BKD represents a real dog and family member! They encompass the meaning of Aloha as most dog owners would agree..  

Love, Peace and Compassion from man’s best friend. 

So that’s how Big kahuna Dog was born. It’s personal and means everything to us and we want to share our passion with you.

 Chee hu!!